Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 Continental Congress - Thursday

Have you ever seen what happens when the President General enters DAR Constitution Hall?

Tonight's post is all about statistics! Most of the business session today was reporting from the Executive Officers, Administrative and Standing Committees and reports from State Regents.

In all the reports, here are the stats that I noted:

1. Membership is now 169,800 - goal is 170,000 by the end of the year.
2. Membership dues only covers 30% of NSDAR expenses.
3. There are now 2,763 chapters - newest Overseas Unit is in Moscow.
4. 11,200 applications were processed - 10,827 were approved.
5. 5,430 supplementals were approved - now takes about five months to process.
6. 99% of record copies are done online.
7. New Roberts Rules of Order (11th edition) will be available in Sept. 2011.
8. Forty-four special project grants were approved for a total of $209,600.
9. President General's project has raised $462,320.
10. Donations through Heritage Club, Annual Giving Circle, Founders club account for 26% of revenue.
11. Oldest DAR member was 112 in September 2010 (she'll turn 113 this year).
12. California has 9,043 members.
13. New DAR Handbook will be available in October 2011.
14. Founders Club has 473 members - 74 new since last year.

NSDAR Outstanding Junior was announced: Susan Margaret H. Wood from Michigan; runner-up was Julie Ann Bird Tiska from New York.

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