Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Continental Congress-Monday

Woke up excited - today would be spent at DAR Headquarters - intended to be one of the first people to register for the 2011 Continental Congress - the 120th!

The trip in was made by bus - gave me an opportunity to test the bus run (N3) which would take me from the Anderson House to DAR Headquarters. I had prepared ahead and knew to be at the bus stop for the bus which left at 8:07. This would give me a few hours in the DAR Library before doing the Registration "dance".

The test run identified a problem with the bus schedule - it had changed and the bus actually arrived at 8:02. Heard by phone later that this change took effect in May, but the Metro web site was not up to date. No problem for later days in the week - I'll adjust by arriving earlier to be sure.

One of the fun things about this week at the DAR Library is being able to renew friendships and make new friends while doing genealogy. Today was no different! I saw many people that I know from California - today I sat with Judy Kimball.

When it came time for registration to be open, Judy and I went down to the basement where we expected a long line. Much to our surprise there were only 30 (approx.) ladies in front of us. The pages instructed us to have a seat (this is the registration "dance"). A few minutes later we were instructed to get up and move forward and then sit again. Despite the ups and downs, registration is very organized and a fairly pleasant experience.

With our name pages and seat assignments in hand, it was time to stop in at the DAR Store. I had a short list of items to purchase for the chapter. As a seasoned DAR Congress attendee, I knew that stopping today was good for two reasons: the store is close to registration and there would be fewer ladies than on other days.

Purchases in hand, it was time to go back to the library!

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