Friday, June 18, 2010

Our tax $$ at work

A registered mail package was accepted at the Mandeville, LA post office on May 24, bound for Richmond, CA. There was absolutely no tracking available on the document from the USPS UNTIL it was first delivered on June 11. The receiving party was out of town on that day. A re-delivery was scheduled for June 17, a day that the party would be home.

Rather than deliver the package as requested on June 17, the post office attempted a 2nd delivery on June 15 (again, no one home). The re-delivery on June 17 did not happen, however on June 18 another notice was put in the mail box that an attempt was made on June 17 (a lie). This notice was marked "final" notice and the package would be returned to sender on July 11.

Upon receipt of the final notice, the recipient picked up the package from the local Richmond postal annex.

Moral of the story: use FedEx or UPS when sending a package.

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  1. Yeah--and we want these guys to run our healthcare?