Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing Bits n' Bytes!

On the way home yesterday, it struck me that it would be easier to keep family and friends up to date through a blog rather than create new pages on a personal website (not happening-way behind). We discussed what it might be called and came up with Bits n' Bytes.

What will you find here? Little snippets of each day, a picture here or there, thoughts to share, lessons learned in life, maybe some techie information to share-just about anything that might interest others.

Today was a first ever train ride on the Niles Canyon Railroad with the Ariel Bradley Society of C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution). Besides the fun we had being with four of our grandchildren (Sophia, Haley, Xander, and Lexie), there was seeing the Niles Canyon for the first time. Check out their website to read some of the rich history.

What piqued my interest today is that the grandchildren wanted to have the train run over coins to flatten them out. Only it did not work. They had placed the coins beyond where the train would run. So, the coins sat there on the tracks while we rode the train from Sunol Depot to Niles Station and back! They were disappointed that they had not been flattened, but as resilient as they are, before getting in the car, they picked up their coins and returned them to their pockets.

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