Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On making greeting cards

Making greeting cards is so much fun - allows my creative side to come out. Often, as I am driving, I will think of cards that I need to make and design them in my head first. Then, I can hardly wait to get home and do them.

There are four important aspects to this fun hobby.

The first is the paper. I happen to prefer GCD Studios paper over any other because each one is two-sided. The paper is just the right weight for a greeting card. They have so many designs to choose from that I keep a good supply on hand for that "perfect" card creation. I only wish that I could purchase the paper packs online, but I cannot find them (will again now).

The second aspect is to keep the event/person in mind as you create their special card. An example is the recent graduation of Kori from high school. Her card was made using her school colors. No other graduate received a card tailored specifically to them!

Third, to spur your creative juices, have a few card making magazines available to look at to see what others have done. Keep in mind however that your special touch with embellishments and paper selection make the card still one of a kind.

Finally embossing the greeting helps to make the card professional and as my husband expresses: "a keeper! No one ever throws away a Kathy card"!

There is one more facit that I'd like to share. In all the samples I find from Vamp Stamp News, GCD Studios and other sources, you NEVER see what is done with the inside of the card! And this is what I find the most challenging effort to creating a wonderful greeting card what to put inside!

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