Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Continental Congress - Saturday

As the 120th Continental Congress comes to a close, my feet are tired, my brain is fried and I'm ready to return home. Among many bright spots this week has been the incredible Washington D.C. weather. Usually this time of year will bring high temperatures and high humidity. We have been spared the latter while enjoying the former - almost feels like home (California).

No more stats! By this time DAR members have learned the value of belonging to a service organization. We are proud of our heritage and we seek to identify and recognize significant contributions in patriotism, conservation, the bright youth of America, veterans, volunteers and the list goes on.

This post will round out the week in Washington and the Continental Congress with just a few quotes:

Crossnore School is "a place for miracles...a Christian sanctuary helping kids rise above their circumstances".

Tamassee School recognizes DAR as "the head cheerleaders".

DAR is a "small tight knit group of people on a mission".

"it is generally believed that we build on those who go before us".

I have learned a great deal this week, spent way too much money and am now energized to begin the work of the chapter (Anne Loucks) for the coming year. Time to get ready for the trip home.

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