Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soccer - Not for me!!!!

I'm afraid to admit this: I do not like to watch soccer on TV! Admittedly, I checked in a couple of times during the recent FIFA World Cup to watch the Americans, but quickly switched the channel to more pleasing viewing.

Why is there always a humming sound that emanates when soccer is on? Maybe it is just me, but that humming is annoying. I have always wondered if the fans are given something to make the sound and they use it!

Well, according to an FIFA soccer trivia site, I'm definitely in the minority. They say "With nearly half of the world’s population expected to tune in during the 2010 FIFA World Cup championship, interest in the sport is at an all time high".

Personally, give me a good bowling tournament to watch and I'm there!


  1. That buzzing comes from a vuvuzela, a cheap plastic horn similar to what you see in St. Patrick's Day parades. They are hugely popular in Africa, where the FIFA Cup is held this year. The next FIFA tournament will most likely be held elsewhere, and chances are that you won't hear any more vuvuzelas. (YAY!)

  2. Thank you John. In talking with several other people about this, I found so far overwhelming agreement. Glad to know what exactly causes the hum - I learned from your comment!