Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun with Grandchildren

On the spur of the moment two of my grandchildren wanted to spend the night at Grandpa's and Grandma's house. We take these moments and act on them positively because the grandchildren are usually so busy. So, we said yes and dove right in!

We knew in the evening what would be fun - watching a movie. But what to do in the morning? And we had a deadline - Lexie needed to be home by 1:15 so that she could get to her play rehearsal.

Over breakfast, we prepared "a list of ideas of things to do today between now and 1:00 so Lexie can get to her acting on time because that is important"! We came up with a list of six activities, none of which worked out because it was Monday morning and the favorite activities were not open until noon.

What to do?

We live in a gated community close to a walking path which is close to the San Francisco Bay and the Richmond Boat Harbor. I thought of a "photo scavenger hunt". I saw this idea on Facebook when doing research on the other activities.

Sophia came up with our Scavenger Hunt List:
-3 seagulls
-a person walking their dog
-2 kids playing outside
-an old man
-a boat
-the colors of the rainbow
-something floating in the water
-4 different types of flowers
-a bike
-someone running

What do you think? See the pictures I took here.

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