Thursday, November 25, 2010

Purgatory in the Garden of Eden

Bet you think this post might be about politics - we do live in California, but vote opposite of most of the state. No....this post is about the Garden of Eden - Marina Bay of Richmond.

I took a walk today-my usual 2 miles and ended up appreciating even more where we live. Take a look at the Marina - boats lined up, water still reflecting a cloudless sky and the air was crisp for Thanksgiving, 2010.

We have everything here! You can see the yacht harbor, but on my walk I visited the playground (Barbara and Jay Vincent) where all the grandkids have played one time or another. Then there is the beach! OK, so it is small, but it is a great place to view the July 4th Richmond Fireworks show.

Want to learn how to sail? Try out the Tradewinds Sailing Club which is an inexpensive way to do it. Check out their website.

This is an historical area - all built on the land previously owned by the Kaiser shipyards where many ships were built during World War II. Right here is the Rosie the Riveter National Park & Museum.

There are miles and miles of the Bay Trail to amuse any walker, runner, biker, skateboarder, skater, etc. etc. One can go from here down to the Bay Bridge or over to the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. Along the way, you can visit the Point Isabel Dog Park and let your pet take a walk in the park as well.

Before I bust my buttons let me at least give a mention to the best restaurant in Richmond - Salute Ristorante and it is walking distance from here! See what I mean - we have it all? What makes your location a Garden of Eden?

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