Saturday, September 4, 2010


Last year our mobile GPS device, a Garmin, was stolen. After replacement analysis, we determined that the best financial decision was to pay monthly to use GPS on my Blackberry phone.

Not only are we pleased with this application, we're glad that the thief forced us to make this decision.

Through AT&T (the service provider) the GPS application is Telenav. The most recent version (5.8) became available while we were traveling on the east coast.

Let me tell you some of the features we experienced on recent use.

First, the app tells you the speed limit for the street you are on. And, it lets you know if you are exceeding (over 5 mph) the speed limit via a red rim around the miniature speed limit sign. Nice!

Second, the app warns you if there is a "traffic camera" ahead. Very nice!

Third, you can speak the address rather than type it (NO texting while driving). Super feature if you don't have a navigator with you, although I suggest it is safest to pull over to enter/speak the address.

Finally, the directions given are exact, even down to the number of feet before turning. This last feature has led us to give her the name "Demanding Diva". But we are considering a change to "Deliverance".

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